Methane in Water by RSK-175 (GC/FID)
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For complete information on UCMR4, please visit:

EPA's UCMR4 Information Page

Basic Laboratory has been certified to perform UCMR4 analysis for EPA Methods 200.8, 552.3, along with TOC and Bromide. All other UCMR4 methods (EPA 525.3, 530, 541, and Cyanotoxins) will be subcontracted to an EPA certified laboratory.

Basic Laboratory operates under a comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) as required by EPA and CA-ELAP. A copy of our current QAP is available for download on our web site at: A UCMR4 Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) has also been developed as required by EPA.
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Why Us?


Basic Laboratory has a proven record of excellence in quality and customer service. We have dedicated staff and instrumentation specifically for UCMR analysis, and are eager to answer your questions. All UCMR clients will be assigned a project manager who will assist them through the entire process from start to finish. We strive to maintain a personal, small-lab feel while offering large laboratory capabilities and superior customer service to every client.



Basic Laboratory offers very competitive pricing. We will strive to meet or beat any competitive quote offered by any other UCMR certified laboratory. Please contact us directly for a list of our current prices for UCMR testing.

Turn Around Time (TAT)

Our standard turn around time for all UCMR work will be 15 working days. Faster TAT may be available, but capability must be determined and rush prices quoted on a case by case basis.

Sampling Kits

Sampling kits for each UCMR method will be provided for each client. Each kit will be shipped with the correct bottles and preservatives for each analysis requested, along with written instructions for proper sample collection and return shipping requirements.

SDWARS Electronic Reporting

We are fully capable of delivering all client data directly into SDWARS as required by the UCMR program. Hard copies of the report will also be mailed to each client, unless electronic copies only are requested.