Methyl Mercury in Water by EPA 1630
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Sample Collection

We provide our customers with the added benefit of collection and pickup of samples for a very reasonable fee. We have a large variety of routes all throughout Northern California, which enables us to keep the cost of pickups relatively low. For large projects, a price will be quoted based on your specific location and requirements.
Our staff will be happy to collect your samples for you, or simply pick them up on one of our scheduled routes. We can even design a custom sampling program for your project, no matter how big or small. Give us a call, and give us the chance to help you meet your sampling requirements.

Project Management

We can offer our clients complete project management for any project for which they wish to have professional oversight. We can create a sampling and analysis plan, custom create report formats that fit your exact needs, and schedule the implementation of the sampling and analysis process. We can then give full written analysis and explanation of the project results if needed. Each project will be custom created to give our clients the maximum outcome for the testing that is performed.
Let us answer any questions that you have about your project before you begin. We may be able to save you both time and money.


With many combined years of experience in the Northern California area, we can offer excellent consulting service to enhance the productivity and accuracy of your environmental related projects. We will help determine what your analysis data really means, and what it doesn’t mean. Whether you are constructing a large municipal water treatment plant, or installing a simple water purifier for your well, we would be happy to offer our knowledge as a tool for your success.

Custom Reporting & Electronic Data Deliverables

We have made it our basic goal to make your report as easy to read and understand as possible. Although there are some limits to what we can do, we are happy to accommodate special reporting requests. Since many of our clients are being required to report their data electronically, and in a large variety of formats, we are striving to develop the ability to report data in every electronic format. Check back here soon for a complete list of the EDD formats that we can produce.