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Trace-level Methyl Mercury

Along with our trace-level Total Mercury analysis by EPA 1631E, Basic Laboratory offers analysis of trace-level Methyl Mercury in water samples by EPA 1630. We have been officially certified by the State of Washington for this analysis (California does not offer certification for this method.). A copy of our certification can be downloaded here:

Our standard turn-around-time for both methods is 8-10 business days. Give us a call or send us an email for current pricing or to request sample bottles.

Total Mercury by EPA 1631E

Reporting Limit (RL): 0.5 ng/L (ppt)

Detection Limit (MDL): 0.2 ng/L (ppt)

Methyl Mercury by EPA 1630

Reporting Limit (RL): 0.05 ng/L (ppt)

Detection Limit (MDL): 0.02 ng/L (ppt)