Trace Metals Analysis by EPA 1638

Storm water refers to the rainwater that drains off a municipal or industrial site during a rainstorm into various types of receiving waters, such as lakes, rivers, or irrigation ditches. In California, the Water Quality Control Board has jurisdiction over storm water regulation and enforcement. Information is being collected to determine the type and extent of contamination from storm water runoff, with the intent to establish units to mitigate potential environmental contamination.

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Analysis Method Unit MDL RL
Alkalinity as CaCO3  SM 2320B  mg/l  2.0  5.0 
Chloride  EPA 300.0  mg/l  0.19  0.5 
pH (see note 2)  SM 4500-H+ B  pH Units     
Settleable Solids  SM 2540F  ml/l/hr  0.1  0.1 
Sulfate as SO4  EPA 300.0  mg/l  0.25  0.5 
Tannins & Lignins  SM 5550 B  mg/l  0.05  0.5 
Total Organic Carbon (TOC)  SM 5310C  mg/l  0.3  0.5 
Total Suspended Solids  SM 2540D  mg/l  2.0  6.0 
Turbidity  EPA 180.1  NTU  0.2  0.5 
Turbidity  SM 2130B  NTU  0.2  0.5 
Copper  EPA 200.7  ug/l  1.2  5.0 
Iron  EPA 200.7  ug/l  9.0  50.0 
Zinc  EPA 200.7  ug/l  4.0  10.0