Methyl Mercury in Water by EPA 1630
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PDFTerms and Conditions for Lab Services (COC) (0.5 MB)
PDFCOC - Standard Chain of Custody Form (1.2 MB)
PDFCOC - DW Microbiology Chain of Custody Form (1.2 MB)
PDFRedding CA-ELAP Certification (0.1 MB)
PDFnChico CA-ELAP Certification (0.1 MB)
PDFWA-ELAP Certification, 1638 Metals, MeHg (1.5 MB)
PDFQuality Assurance Plan (0.6 MB)

PDFBacteria Sample Collection Instructions (0.1 MB)
PDFWell Chlorination Instructions (0.1 MB)

PDFDMRQA 2021 Redding 1677 - Final Report
PDFDMRQA 2021 Chico 2718 - Final Report

1669 Sampling Video - Warning! This old video does contain some errors and ommisions. Use as general information and guidance only! Refer to EPA 1669 for complete sampling instructions.


All files are available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) format. You will need Adobe Reader (or another PDF-compatible application) to view and print these files. If needed, you can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader here.